Where can I find this BITTER BEER FACE commercial online?
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Where can I find a digital copy of this beer commercial: It starts out with our protagonist (I think it's Joey Slotnick) walking, and a voiceover -- "You're at a party. You've got a cold beer, and a brand new shirt. You're . . . a tiger." Then, he takes a sip of the beer and his face shrivels up, and a couple of girls cringe. "Whoa! Bitter Beer Face!" Then, that's solved by drinking Keystone Light, and then the scene switches to noir; he's in a white tux with his hair slicked back, both of the girls on his arms, and he says in a David Niven accent, "Pack your bags -- we sail TONIGHT!"
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Search adland for "keystone" ?
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I have no idea where to find the ad (and the ad agency that made it has merged/mutated so the don't even list Coors among their clients). Pity.

I did, however find, and get a crack out of, this Victoria Bitter classic beer ad. I guess normal life in Australia involves climbing poles and hacking at them with axes, digging down to the water table, welding things, and falling out of trees.
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