Seeking An Electronic Web Device
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I am looking for a PDA or electronic device used primarily for accessing the web through WIFI. The bigger the screen the better. If possible I would want this device to be able to read JAVA. When traveling, I find my computer is a bit bulky to use quickly as a web device. Thanks
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It's a bit small, but my PSP is an excellent device for airports and the like -- when I have a little time and I want to surf the web, check my email, or even log into a server and restart a service.
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There will be a class of devices that is good for this "not quite a computer" tasks in the future. But the pickings are slim right now. Microsoft's UMPC platform is probably the closest to what you want. Fully a computer, but instant on, large enough screen to be useful, < 2 lbs, etc. br>
I hope to god that Apple will release a phoneless-iPhone device with a 7" screen. I would buy that in a second.
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I use a Palm TX. I check my email easily, and the built-in web browser is surprisingly usable if the font sze is decreased and I turn of style sheets. If you're looking for a PDA that supports JAVA applets in webpages I don't think you'll find anything, however. Palm does support java runtime environments, but it's not the same functionality.
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The new Nokia N800 appears to be closest to what you want right now. I have a Palm TX. It has Wifi and does work quite well as a wireless browser. However, it's screen isn't as good as the Nokia's and it can do neither flash nor java (as far as I know).
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Stay away from Microsoft's attempts at mobile devices. IME, they are horrific. I LOVE my Blackberry and the connection's pretty fast, but the screen might be a bit small if you're looking for the full web experience rather than mainly email. Japanese sites might be the way to go here -- although on the pricey side, they're better at these mobile gadgets. Check out, which revamps Japanese products for American markets.
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OQO makes some pretty badass-looking palmtop PCs.
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I second a vote for dynamism as a place to look. I have dealt with them in the past and they are great folks.
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Pepper Pad 3. Built-in zero administration software based on Firefox 1.5 and Java. 800x480 touchscreen, 20GB drive... tons of features. I've been a very satisfied customer for a while now.

And yes it supports Java applets too, as well as Flash.
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The nokia tablet appearantly doesn't support Java (at least not officially) and it sounds like the DHTML/Javascript support of the browser leaves a bit to be desired when viewing Ajaxy sites.

On the other hand, as others have noted, the web experience in this form factor is currently patchy or spendy. At least the nokia has a nice wide screen.
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If you want style and sophistication, check out Apple's iPhone. Sure, it's not cheap, but it's definitely something to at least consider. It's not coming out for another few months though.
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I'm gonna recommend the Fujitsu Lifebook P1610. It's bigger than a PDA, but smaller than most laptops (in fact, you can fit two of them into most laptop bags), and it runs full WinXP. Also, it's a convertible tablet with a touch-screen and handwriting recognition.
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Also, the Fujitsu doesn't have that wimpy 800x600 resolution like the UMPC (Origami) form-factor, it's a full 1280x768.
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See the PDF. Linux 2.6.
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The Pad 3 runs a modified Fedora Core 4 based distribution, and the Pepper Keeper software as an environment.
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