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I've lost a link to a search engine for cultural events (museum exhibitions, etc) that was handy when planning short weekend trips, say to New York or Philadelphia. I can sometimes find copies of Time Out New York, but not always. Prefer the web anyway. Anyone have a method for checking out what's going on in the next 2-3 months in museums and galleries? Thanks
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New York Magazine has a pretty good online listing. It only goes 30 days out, though.

The Village Voice is a little more off-beat, but also good and online.
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I can't speak for Philadelphia, but here's a good linklist to just about all the NYC museums.

Here a similar kind of link for NYC galleries.
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Google Calendar will let you search public events by location, type, and time; unfortunately it (stupidly) requires you to sign in first and (also stupidly) doesn't seem to allow URLs directly to the search results.
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For nyc, clubfreetime covers a broad range of free/cheap events.

This site itself is not officially free -- it's great to support them if you can, but if you're cash-strapped, it's very easy to find the full info on any event just by googling the exact phrases they report (they clearly get most of their listings straight from the web).
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You could try a web two-point-oh take on social events. Blurb from the site:

" is a social events calendar driven by people just like you! Discover new events, share them with your friends, and add your own."

It's quite good and getting better as more people use it.
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