Fix this 8mm projector!
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Oops! Hamhanded cleaning brush incident with ancient 8mm projector - where did this spring come from?

The projector is a Sankyo dualux 1000. An attempt at removing some hair from the aperture area resulted in a springlike thing leaping out. Does anybody have any experience with this, or have a diagram that could show me where it belongs? The projector doesn't work without it, of course.
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Is the film just swooshing by (a decorative bunch of vertical smears)? If that is true then the spring thing might be the pawl for the intermittent drive, which pulls the film one frame at a time in synchrony with the shutter. If the small loop on the spring thing just exactly fits within one sprocket hole of the 8mm film, then the identification is probably complete. The mechanism is depicted in, among other places, the classic "The Way Things Work".
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