All I want to do is print an envelope....
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I want to print a variety of different sized envelopes on my Mac Mini and cheap-o Lexmark 232 printer. I want to include bar codes. I do not have, nor do I want to guy, Office Mac, which i know has the feature. Don't know about iWork from Apple. NeoOffice can't do it. Snail Mail program looked interesting but doesn't work. AbiWord may or may not do it; it's moot since it crashes repeatedly. I'm actually having to block print these envelopes by hand! Ugh. /john
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You can format virtually any word processor to print envelopes. Just need to play around with the settings.
As for the barcodes, if you're not doing bulk mailings then there is no need for barcoding. You put the barcode on mailings so you can use the automation rates as part of a bulk mailing contract with the USPS. Are you doing this?
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Easy Envelopes
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There's Mail Factory, too. (I found it with a search for envelopes on MacUpdate, in case the results are useful to you in your quest.)
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2nd easy envelopes great little widget with a great ui.
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A Mac program with a great UI? Get out!
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Address, which comes free on every Mac, is actually pretty good with the envelope printing. It won't do barcodes AFAIK.
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I would suggest trying the purpose-built applications noted by others; if none of them work, you might try the software that's made by Dymo for their LabelWriter series of printers. It produces labels with barcodes on them, and comes with some barcode fonts.

You can draw up a label in the Dymo program, hit print, and instead of sending it to a Dymo printer (which you don't have) send it to a regular printer, or save it as a PDF. If you make a "label" the same size as your envelope, you could print them that way.
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