Help me identify this sci-fi book I read
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BookFilter: When I was a kid (~14 years ago), I read a sci-fi book about the future. I don't know if I'd like it today, but I'd like to go back to it...

The book was about a future where people are implanted with an identifying chip at birth (in their wrist.)

Other plot details: When you committed a crime, you were entered into a lottery for the death penalty. One of the characters was a man who was entered into a drawing for jaywalking and "won". The plot, predictably, involves him moving through this whole system, fighting it, collaborating with others, etc.

There was also a kid who had some kind of psychic power to disable these identifying chips in peoples' wrists.

I read the book in Russian, but I'm pretty sure that it was translated from English.
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almost sounds like something written by Philip K. Dick, but I think I'm confusing this with his "Voting Lottery" book. Might be worth checking out his bibliography on WP and see if you recognize anything.
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was this a children's/YA or an adult book?
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To me this sounds like Larry Niven, perhaps The Jigsaw Man.
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It has some Nivenlike things about it but I don't think it's Niven.
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Also sounds like Sheckley, it is NOT Victim Prime, but he wrote a few stories kind of in the same vein.
Didn't Piers Anthony have something like this too? It's been about 20 years since I read anything by him, but rings a faint bell.
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I think the Piers Anthony book edgeways is thinking about is The Ring, which I also thought of, but it is not really the same as what the poster is describing. Which, sorry, does not ring a bell.
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Sounds a little bit like Logan's Run.
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Response by poster: niles: I've started looking through the PKD bibliography, but haven't finished yet.

sdn: It wasn't a children's book, but it's hard for me to say if it was YA or not. I read a lot of "adult" books as a kid.

redfoxtail: I'm pretty sure it's not the Jigsaw Man; I don't recall there being any organ transplants.

now i'm piste: It's definitely not Logan's Run.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far.
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