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Registrar that allows you to register .to domains? I know does it but they want us$225 for it. Anyone know of any cheaper ones? (I checked a bunch and none seem to offer it.)
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Best answer: Tonic handles the registrations.

$50 a year with a two year minimum.
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oh, snap!
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Response by poster: Thanks answergrape... wondering a) how you found them and b) dealt with them before? Are they reliable?

sirmissalot, I don't understand your comment.
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snap is a good thing. It's like when you're a black urban transvestite, and you snap your fingers and sort of shimmy your head because someone is wearing a nice outfit..
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dobbs: courtesy of my significant other who works in the industry.

Further information: ICANN (Intenet Company for Assigned Names and Numbers) offers a plethora of information. They are the governing body for domain names.

IANA (Interent Assigned Numbers Authority) offers a list of Country Code TLDs (Top Level Domains).

From there you can click on any of the ccTLDs to get information on the managing organization. Most TLDs are managed by different organizations. Each organization has it's own rules and pricing, etc.

In answer to your second follow-up question: No, I haven't directly worked with them, but as they are the managing organization you're likely in good hands. They have to answer directly to IANA and ICANN for any misconduct.

If you need more information, drop me a line at the address in my profile, and I'll put you in touch with her.
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sirmissalot, I don't understand your comment.

just cheering on answergrape--surprisingly great answer; fast, succinct, and looks like it will save you a lot of money. so . . . go answergrape! (and i'll shut up now.)
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