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I'm behind a university proxy firewall and wanting to access ports that are blocked from direct access through the firewall. I was wondering if there are any telnet clients out there that have HTTP-proxy capabilities with authication (user/password) as well.
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If I understand what you want, you might want to check out the possibility of using ssh tunnels.

For windows (assuming that's what you use), PuTTY is a good SSH/telnet client that supports HTTP-auth.
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but be aware that you need something at the other end. if you're connecting to a server on port X, but X is blocked, then you can use ssh so that when a local program connects to X, ssh bounces it to Y. but then you need to bounce back down from Y to X the other side of the firewall. this works fine if you have access to a shell on the server, because ssh does the right thing on the server. but if you're hoping to magically connect to a server that is closed to you apart from port X then you're out of luck (unless you bounce of another machine).

does that make sense? am i missing something obvious?
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PuTTY supports telnet and SSH connections through HTTP proxies that support HTTP CONNECT.
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Oops. Didn't see babelfish's answer above.
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