Were VirtualDubMod to have an Linux equivalent what would that be?
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Where can I find a Linux equivalent of VirtualDubMod?

via Gnome, ideally... thanks :)
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Response by poster: or near equivalent of course :) i understand VDM is unqiue
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Response by poster: Sorry, this is a terrible post. VirtualDubMod is an open source video processing tool for Windows. Besides being able to open and convert anything to just about every format under the sun it also serves as a sort of low-level photoshop for video clips.
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ffmpeg is approximately the equivalent, in that it can convert from almost anything to anything.
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mencoder (part of the mplayer package) will handle the converting anything to anything part, and a quick scan through my Ubuntu installation's "Add/Remove" menu suggests that PiTiVi might be what you're looking for in an editor.

No links provided because these things are available via the Ubuntu package system and if you have another distro they should be dead easy to Google.

Cinelerra might be worth a look too.
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As others have said: ffmpeg or mencoder (which generally ffmpeg internally, although you can pick others) on the command line will convert anything to anything.

I don't do much video work beyond transcoding, but it seems that avidemux is the closest thing to virtualdub.

Also, apparently virtualdub (not mod) works under wine, so you could try that if you get stuck.
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Hmm, that should say: (which generally uses ffmpeg internally).

Which is to say you usually pass the work off to libavcodec.
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Haven't used it myself, but how about Jahshaka?
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It depends on what you're trying to do. If VirtualDubMod is just one step of an entire ripping-DVD process, you might want to look at dvd::rip.

If all you want is an application to mix and match and process video and audio streams, then ffmpeg is your choice. You'll have to learn how to use the command line, though, if you haven't already.
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If you want to use Cinelerra, you probably don't want the version from HeroineWarrior. You really want the "community" version that's maintained at cvs.cinelerra.org, which is more stable. It's a stabilized, community-maintained version of the HeroineWarrior code, which is really only made for the internal use of one company.

You can read about the difference and origins of the two versions here:

I have never personally tried to install it (I use FCP on a Mac), but I've heard reports that it can be ... an experience. You might want to think about one of the digital-media-centric Linux distros, if you're going to be doing a lot of stuff in that direction. Depending on how you value your time, the cost of a dedicated box may be far less than the amount of time it will take to install and configure it all.
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For the record, when I once had a need to actually do a small amount of non-linear editing. I liked Cinelerra, but it was too unstable (at that point) to actually use, and I ended up getting the job done nicely in Jahshaka.
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Best answer: I like Avidemux for editing, Mplayer(Mencoder) for transcoding.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone -- i will try all of these out -- except jahshaka

I tried it on XP a while back and the interface is so incredibly ugly and clunky that i flat out refuse to use it, no matter how awesome it may be :) good god... such a fugly program
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Response by poster: Avidemux is the one, thank you so much!
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Response by poster: Just in case anyone reads this later -- I eventually forked over the money for MainActor, the Linux video editing software -- it was well worth it -- its an incredible piece of work :)
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