Looking for examples and advice regarding website tour video
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I'm interested in making an introductory/tour video of my website, primarily using screen capture and voice over. I'm looking for quality examples of these types of videos and/or tips and other advice.

I'm interested in either of the following:

1) Good examples of similar videos. The videos should be primarily be screen capture showing the website itself, not a person/skit/advertisement. I encourage you to tell me what aspects of the video make it "good", as well.

2) Advice or tutorials on making such a video.

If relevant, I'm planning on making the video in Ubuntu using RecordMyDesktop and Cinelerra. I have a decent amount of experience in audio editing but minor video editing experience.

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Best answer: http://teuxdeux.com/

Casual, funny, and simple.
posted by eggplantplacebo at 7:49 AM on January 14, 2010

Best answer: http://www.fliggo.com/

Click on 'Watch the Demo'.

Good voiceover, straightforward, shows the whole process.
posted by jeffkramer at 8:45 AM on January 14, 2010

Also, just a tip...

Don't make the video auto-start and if it is the only thing really visible, make sure you have a prominent "skip" button. Nothing pisses people off more than having something start playing with sound all of a sudden when they weren't expecting it, and no easy way to skip past it if they aren't interested in watching it.
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Response by poster: jeffkramer & eggplantplacebo: exactly what I'm looking for, thanks

Elminster24: It definitely won't! I know how annoying that is.
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