soundcard problem
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Onboard soundcard problem.

i've got the asrock alivenf4g-dvi/m/asr motherboard with the onboard soundcard , unfortunately when i play anything now , i can only hear out of one speaker, it doesnt play in stereo anymore - can anyone help ?
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it comes with a realtek audio manager which i reinstalled but it's still the same : (
posted by sgt.serenity at 4:46 PM on February 7, 2007

I'll just note that it's possibly a hardware problem at (or near) the jack, in which case no amount of futzing with the software will help.
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Check your connections, are they pushed in all the way? If they are, maybe try and use a pair of headphones or another set of speakers, as you might have blown one of yours.

If you're absolutely sure it's a software thing, look around in your sound settings (in the Windows mixer not the Realtek app, if you're using Windows) to see if it's set to mono.
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If you think it's software reloading the drivers might help. Pull up device manager and find the sound device listed there. Right click and uninstall - reload with the latest drivers from the manufacturers website. You might also be able to load up a linux live cd that has sound support to see if it is actually hardware vs just a software issue.
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