Importing tab-delimited text into supermemo
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How to import text into SuperMemo?

After looking around on AskMefi for flash card suggestions, I've decided to use SuperMemo. However, I can't figure out (after looking through their help files) how to import all these words I have in a tab-delimited text file, which I created from an Excel file I've been entering Russian words and their translations into.

Anybody know? The only files SuperMemo lets me open are ".kno" files, which I don't know how to create. Best I could find was a program that converted text files into .pdb files for SuperMemo.

I'm sure the answer's really easy, but I'm not the most computer savvy.

Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a better note-card program that spaces things out (so that I can put thousands of Russian words in a database and have the computer schedule it for me) - I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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I'd have to see an example .kno file to give you an answer. Can you open it in notepad, and assuming it's not a crazy binary file, post a few lines?
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Which supermemo are we talking about? Palm? Windows? Other?

If it's Windows, have you looked at this? If it's Palm, have you looked at this?
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Ok I found it. For some reason I couldn't figure out I had to change the setting to "professional."

Sorry, not best of the web. Now just to figure out how to get cyrillic characters to show in it...

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Ah, looks like .kno files means Supermemo for windows. It would take no time to write a Perl script that could convert from tab-separated lines to the q & a format.

Tell ya what, just mail me (email in profile) your Excel file as an attachment and I'll convert it.
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