vibrating, and not in a good way.
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Recently, I've noticed a slight buzzing/vibration sensation inside my right breast.

It's brief (about a second) and comes irregularly. I have slightly large breasts (D-sized) and I wear an underwire bra. The sensation is near the nipple/top of the breast. It's a very weird sensation - not pleasurable and not uncomfortable. I'm at a loss for an explanation. I don't have anything medically wrong with me (that I know of). I'm 24. Does anyone have any idea?
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Fasciculation? Usualy harmless, but best to see a doctor.
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MedlinePlus recommends:
Call your health care provider if you have prolonged or persistent muscle twitches.
Far be it from me to go against the usual recommendation of "see a doctor," but unless it goes on for hours at a time, or happens daily or something, I wouldn't worry about it. Happens to lots of people.
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... just to say there are no muscles in the breast. go have a mammogram for peace of mind. blocked duct? could be any number of innocent things.
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Yeah, but it could be twitching in the muscles under the breasts? Or not. If you're worried, always see a doctor.
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Something similar to that happens often to women who are breastfeeding, right at let down. You're not pregnant, I presume... could you be on any medication that might cause something kooky in the lactation line?
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From an Australian Broadcasting site:

According to Wheathers Functionall Histology (1993) page 362 - "The nipple contains bands of smooth muscle orientated parallel to the lactiferous ducts and circularly near the base; contraction of this muscle causes erection of the nipple."

Another site I was not able to look at because of an access barrier seemed to imply, from its Google entry, that the nerve fibers controlling these muscle cells come from the spine, so I suppose these muscle cells could cause the sensation you describe if those nerve fibers were pinched at the spine or anywhere along their length. The article Fire&Wings linked said that fasciculation is a phenomenon of striated muscle, not the smooth muscle fibers which cause nipple erection.
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I think I had this once, for a while. It went away.

If it continues and increases in intensity or frequency, you should definitely see a doctor. It might be nothing, but if it worsens, it's worth a visit for the peace of mind.
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Hey, I know this thread is old but I wanted to report that over the weekend this started happening to me as well. I've never had it happen before and after a day or so I suddenly remembered reading this thread. So, if anyone is still wondering about this I'd like some additional info too. The description above pretty much fits my sensation to a T, although I am feeling it in my left breast. I'm 27, have never had kids, and am not on any BC or anything. My boobs are not as large as ANON's.
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