Program(s) to detect corrupted JPG and MP3 files?
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Back in the day when I didn't have money for a decent backup system, some backed up files themslves were corrupted. Most were fine but some JPGs exhibited regions of solid color and some MP3s developed glitches/blips/bloops or got truncated. Without having a reliable second file to which to compare it with, and without looking though all the JPGs/listening to each and every MP3, are there programs that will detect which files were corrupted once they are on a new hard drive?
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for mp3s: mp3check
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Sometimes ID3check works to find corrupted MP3s...
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Image::TestJPG in Perl will do what you need for images...if you don't know Perl, I'll put together a quick wrapper for it that'll validate a directory.
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effugas, would you mind creating the wrapper for me? Thanks!

Also, Googling some key words I found at the above mentioned links yielded me this program for jpg testing: IT-JPEG Tester

After trying the trial version, I've found that IT-JPEG Tester is not very intuitive but it will find and copy or move damaged .jpg's to a specified directory.
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It's a command line app; copy the executable and the support dll to c:\windows\system32, then make your way to each directory that contains broken images. Then just type:

pegleg .

...anything bad should get moved to a folder called bad.
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