What are those files on Gnutella that are my exact search term with a file suffix?
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When searching for something in the Gnutella network (i'm using acquisition on the mac), what are those files that get returned that are my exact search terms, but with a .jpg or .wmv on the end? I've never dared download one in case it's mr goatse or something
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Best answer: There are bots that are hooked into gnutella that sit and listen for searches. They then return a result to an advertisement with a filename that matches the search.
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Response by poster: For example today I was searching for a track by Max Sedgley. I typed in "max sedgley", got a few good results, but the majority were

"m_a_x_s_e_d_g_l_e_y.wmv" and "max sedgley.jpg".

Are they created by a bot? What are they? And what is the benefits of returning them?
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Response by poster: wow that was quick! Thanks a lot. I might download one out of curiosity now that i know it's not going to be a gaping arse man.
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I've done it, I think. You'll find a drawing of an iPod and a URL. And you'll feel like your whole pirating music experience was cheapened.
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Response by poster: Just for the record the tune is quite an obscure dance remix, which has only been released on 12" and i haven't got a record player! So I don't think anyone's really losing out :)
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I would worry more that it's some sort of executable/virus/spyware/etc. than an ad.

saw that a lot when I used to use limewire.
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Perhaps the jpg exploits that gdiplus vulnerability from a couple of months back, and the wmv exploits the MS DRM exploit from recently. That's what my paranoid self assumes anyway.
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