Help! I lost my spice!
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Identify this cookbook, or give me the potato/chili soup recipe I yearn for.

Years ago (mid 80s), I bought a cookbook, probably in England, but possibly North America. It was a small, Penguin*-sized paperback and was full of recipes for spicy food. I think they had chili ratings for how hot they were (but maybe not). It might have been called "The Chili Cookbook" (yes, I've googled, but nothing rings a bell) but it might not.

Thing is, it had the recipe for a potato and poblano chili soup which I made once and, in retrospect, was the most divine thing I ever tasted. I remember it contained enormous quantities of garlic, plus chilis, potatoes and cream. I don't know what else.

In one of my transatlantic movies, it disappeared.

Can anyone identify this cookbook, or point me at the recipe??

*the book not the flightless bird
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Potato Poblano Soup? Char the poblanos, put them in a sealed bag for 10 minutes or so, then peel them.
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The reason googling doesn't help is because you're spelling chile like chili. You want to google Chile cookbook. Is it one of these? Scroll down for a few promising ones.
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Or, if it was purchased in England, then there's a good chance that "chile" was spelled "chilli" which is how they do it there.

An amazon search on Chilli Cookbook shows this....
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Is it The New Chili Cuisine? I'm looking at my copy and the closest thing I can find is "Hot Creamy Potato and Anaheim Chile Soup." If that's the one I'll type it up for you in the morning.
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Response by poster: TungstenChef -- no, not that one, but thanks.
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