Windy City Podcast Reco's?
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Chicagoans: What are your favorite podcasts? (Non-Chicagoans can answer, too).

I'm covering the radio/podcast scene for a local publication and am curious about what people have been listening to and loving lately (on the radio or on the web). People's recommendations are always more interesting than what iTunes suggests.

What do you tune in to and why? Thanks!
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Filmspotting (a Chicago show) is one of the best.
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I've always loved Keith and the Girl.
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I like Bad at Sports. (among others, but they're based in Chicago)
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I listen to about 30 podcasts each week, but I think only these few have any relevance to Chicago.

Chicago podcasts I love: This American Life (they always have an interesting set of stories to tell) and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (this only qualifies because it's recorded in Chicago, but I love the quiz format and their informed, general irreverence about the news), Barack Obama's podcast (I'm not from Illinois, but I simply love hearing something thoughtfully presented by and meaningful to a politician each week).
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2nd Filmspotting.
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How Much Do We Love is produced by a Chicagoan and an ex-Chicagoan.
(Disclaimer: I'm not from Chicago, the ex-chicagoan is a friend of mine and I love her podcast!)
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This American Life
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I'll second Keith and The Girl. Good stuff.
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This Is Hell
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My favorite podcast is Croncast (although it's recorded about 35 miles west of Chicago ~ in Naperville). Absolutely the best around...
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Red Bar Radio is far and away the best podcast I know of (and I listen to many). It's also a Chicago podcast. It's unbelievably hilarious; the host, Mike D, is far more talented than Howard Stern or Adam Carolla, in my opinion. This show definitely deserves exposure.
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