Money money money money.
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Help me find an accountant / money manager in Los Angeles who kicks ass.

Started a small business last year. Looking to find an accountant / money manager to grow with.

I'm hoping to find someone that gets the whole freelance / film industry world. I'd love to find someone in their 30s; not too old, not too young. Personal recommendations are best.

And by LA, I mean Santa Monica through West LA (North of the 10, east of Western). I don't wanna go schlep up the 101 to some stuffy office in Woodland Hills.

Does such a person exist?!
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An accountant and a money manager are not the same thing.

Are you looking for someone to handle your investments and retirement? Or someone to handle your taxes
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Response by poster: Yes, but many accountants also manage clients assets, specifically here in LA.

Specifically an accountant, but an accountant that has the knowledge to give good big-picture money advise beyond income-tax specific questions.
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Do you mean west of Western?

If you're willing to sacrifice an extra 15 minutes of your life every few months for the sake of your finances, you'll do very well to schlep up the 101 to Rick Birnbaum in Tarzana. Look up Birnbaum and Glucksman on Ventura.
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Best answer: Mzurer: After using Birnbaum and Glucksman this past tax season, I can't in my right mind advise anyone waste their time with them. Terrible.
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