Mystery split-screen film
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Can you help identify this split-screen movie? It's from at least 8 years ago, featuring a man, his wife/girlfriend, and their baby. Detailed description inside.

A reader on my weblog asks: "[I] have been dying to find out the name of this film that I saw about 8 years ago that incorporated split screens in it. Here is what I can remember of the film: At some point this man/husband locks his wife/girlfriend in a small room in this cabin in the middle of the woods. She is about to have a baby and her husband leaves her alone and gets in his car and drives away from the cabin to try to return later. This is when the split screen comes to play and one screen shows him driving to get something while the other screen shows this woman in pain, screaming with blood everywhere and trying to get out of this locked up cabin. Now here is where my memory starts to loosen up...Then I remember her eventually escaping and close to the cabin there is a river or creek where she meets someone and tries to convince him to get her out of town, but her husband finds her before she can leave. Eventually she escapes somehow and takes the baby with her, which he then tries to take back from her when she moves to the city." Any ideas? Thanks.
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Best answer: This sounds an awful lot like Hide and Seek (aka Cord) with Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, and Vincent Gallo. Gallo kidnaps a pregnant Hannah and keeps her tied to a bed in a cabin. The plan is for Gallo and his girlfriend Tilly to keep the baby once she delivers and then kill her. I distinctly remember a part where Hannah's character escapes but is found by her kidnappers.
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Well, since it was a poster and not you, it'll be hard to get addtional information. I did some searching for 1980-2010 at imdb for movies with "cabin" and/or "cabin pregnant" or "cabin birth", and not finding anything (did not use quotes in the actual searches).

Things that can help narrow it down:
  • Was it in english?
  • Where did the "at least 8 years ago" figure come from? Can the poster remember the approximate time they would have seen it- or at least, the likely before or after which they definitely would have seen it?
  • Was the impression that it was much older than whenever they viewed it some 8 years ago- i.e., that it was from the 70's/early 80's?
  • Was it seen on TV, or was it rented/seen in a theater?
  • Was it definitely full length- does the poster remember it being a full length movie for sure, or did they only watch part of it and it might have been a tv show that did a different story each week?
You can also try using the keywords "split screen" and "multi screen". These are links to date-sorted lists of movies with those as their keywords, which are movies that have used the split screen technique. You can filter by keywords, or just check out the whole list, and you might find a likely match.
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