Successful Artist self-promotion
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Question for self-promoting artists. Any advice on how/where to promote oneself online, what pricing is most likely to make sales, how to build an online reputation, etc? IANAA (i am not an artist (at least, not anymore)) but I my significant other is, and I am curious about alternative business models for artists as the gallery scene is a pain to get into.
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What kind of art? To sell or only get groupies?
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Response by poster: Ideally to sell, although at the moment the website is set up as a gallery. It lists whether a piece is available and the contact page has a form for requesting purchasing information. The goal at the moment is to gain recognition and hope that people who don't buy art know people who do and will recommend the site. I know we need to add prices soon and an e-commerce solution but we're not certain what the market will bear especially in the context of art bought online.
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