De-advertising with Photoshop
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I remember seeing a really cool Photoshop project a while ago that took pictures of street scenes, removed all the text from the image, then created a second image consisting only of the removed text, with font and placement preserved. Who did it and where can I find it?
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I recall a similar thing where some people took a picture of Times Square and removed all of the advertising from it. That's not what you're thinking of, is it?

Unfortunately, I can't remember where to find that thing, either.
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Could be part of the same thing -- I remember seeing several regular street shots -- billboards, roadsigns, etc. were cut out -- but it's been years now since I saw it, so I could just be making stuff up.
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Hmmm, sounds like an adbusters project. Can't be more helpful than that, tho, sorry.
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Is it The Untitled Project?
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(and associated mefi thread)
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null terminated has it.
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In case you're interested, how to do it without Photoshop.
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Yes, that's it. Awesome! Thanks!
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