Reinventing my (work)self - how does one start from scratch at 56?
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My career as a high end photo retoucher for magazines seems to be winding down, mostly because of the shift from print to digital/ipad consumption of content. Seems that my options are to gear up my portfolio to work for ad agencies, or learn to be a decent illustrator if I stay with it. Even so, I'm not confident that there will be enough work as things move forward.

Have any of you been at this juncture in your careers? I'd love to hear how you sorted out this decision. What books would you recommend (besides WCIYP)? Have you worked with career counselors? Did you find any websites that were worthwhile? Was there an "aha" moment that made the decision clear for you?

I'm coming up on 56 soon, but in great health, energetic, creative, love all visual art, movies, and find magic in good music of all sorts. Trying to be more Buddhist in my thinking. Work is in NYC. I'm feeling like it is time to take some risks!

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider this.
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I work with archival images (photos and footage) in film and TV, and there's seems to be plenty of work for people with Photoshop and FX related skills. I would definitely get your portfolio to the right people at ad and digital imaging agencies.
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I work at a Branding and design firm that does a lot of package design and high end food photography. Good retouchers are hard to find, there is plenty of work for you.
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