screechy subway sound what is it
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What's that noise that NYC subway cars often make when pulling out of a station? It sounds like a metal-on-metal screech, but has a definite three-note tonal quality (A-G-B?) to it. It seems like some kind of white noise/noise-cancellation, but I'd love to know the skinny.
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That's the sound of the electrical systems generating power as the train pulls out of the station. Some people have noticed that the notes form a song from "West Side Story", appropriately enough.

Only the latest trains from Bombardier make this noise. The first batch of the new-generation cars makes a different, if no less harmonious, single tone with an upward whirring noise, nearly identical to the trains on the Paris Metro, sans tires. Bombardier made those cars as well.
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Thank you so much, werty. I was going to post the same question a while back. Then I thought, "Oh, who the heck on AskMe could possibly know the answer to THAT?"

I'll have more faith next time.
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I imagine it's the same sound the Montreal Metro trains make. If you listen to this recording of ambient sound from the Metro, about 1 m 50 s in to the recording, you'll hear the three chimes. They sound like the horns at the beginning of Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man.
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