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Planespotters and planefans, where do you go to get your airliner fix? (more inside)

Owing to lots of time spent at airports during frequent trans-Pacific jaunts as a child, I used to be a fairly avid airliner enthusiast, able to tell 747s from 727s, DC-10s from L10-11s, Tupolev TU-144s from Concorde SSTs. The glow faded as I grew older and traveled less frequently. On a trip to Chicago last year, the identification plaque for the Rara Avis installation caught my eye, and I found myself wishing I could identify those airliner silhouettes on sight again, a feat I probably could have accomplished as a child.

So where do you go for that kind of stuff? I've been browsing through and Boeing Commercial Planes, but it's not enough. Where can I go for the good stuff: schematics, diagrams, dimensions, horsepower, and the like?
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I've always been a plane spotter since I saw my first DC-3 to the Concorde at Oshkosh and the heavies at ORD. and Jane's are good resources.
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Air Afrique!
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Response by poster: Whoo, solid gold, adamgreenfield! Okay, I've added most of the above links to my aviation bookmarks.
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