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I just got a new computer. I would like to transfer multi-gigs worth of stuff to my new computer. Windows 98 to Windows XP. Can I do this through USB cables and just send it? Any advice on best ways to transfer large amounts? (Keep in mind that my old comp's cd burner doesn't work which is partly why I got a new comp.)
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If both pcs have ethernet network capability, you can use a crossover cable and windows network shares. If you have a hub or router, you can do without the crossover cable.
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You could just take the hard drive out of the old system and put it in the new system. Make sure the jumper is set to Master on the new drive and Slave on the old drive.
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There is a nifty utility built into Windows XP called the File and Transfer Wizard. I have used successfully many times now, all you need is your 2 computers and a crossover cable to accomplish it. It comes with both Windows XP Pro and Home. You may wish to print out the instructions before you begin, so you can refer to them during each stage.
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What is a cross over cable? Is it different from a standard ethernet cable? Thanks for this question, I am in the same boat.
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Yes, a crossover is different than standard CAT5 cable. You can buy a crossover cable (just make sure it's labelled as such) or, if you're the type to crimp your own CAT5 (because you're bored or have a spool of free cable), you can find a pinout diagram here.
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A crossover cable basically allows you to network two devices together without a hub. If you have a hub, just plug both devices into the hub and nevermind the crossover cable.
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similar probleam here. Would a USB cable do the trick?
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signal- No, you can't network via USB. Some Firewire devices (Macs let you do this) let you connect to a computer via Firewire cable, boot into "Target Disk Mode", and treat that device as a mounted drive.
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signal- No, you can't network via USB

Well, you CAN -- they make usb bridges -- but there's no real cost savings over just getting two cheap ethernet cards and a cheap crossover cable.
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Thanks danelope, I've watched people "crimp it themselves" but was too chicken to try, preferring to go storebought, but now I might try it!
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If you're happy enough pulling your PCs apart, then I'd suggest temporarily plugging the IDE and power cables from your CD drive (in the new computer) into the old drive, and copying from your old drive to your new drive. No need for cables or setting up file sharing plus it's a pretty fast way of doing it.
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or... on preview - what internal said.
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