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Are there any standalone apps similiar to Windows Media Center for Windows 2000?

I've got my Windows 2000 equipped computer hooked up to my TV and home theater system, and I'd really like to be able to centralize all of my media (music, movies, etc.) the way Windows Media Center seems to do.

Any suggestions?
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Response by poster: I should also mention that PVR capabilities are not necessary
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this might be a stupid answer but why not upgrade to win XP?
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Response by poster: i figured that is the last resort. i like my win2k. also, i don't have a cd-rom to install XP from. sounds weird, i know.
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Quick googling reveals this:

Dunno anything about it though.
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GB-PVR is primarily a PVR program but does handle music, movies, weather, etc... It also works with many remotes.
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Beyond TV (says they support Windows 2000), MediaPortal (Windows 2000 not explicitly listed in system requirements, Windows XP/MCE is), and SageTV.

I'm partial to Beyond TV, myself, but I prefer Windows Vista's Media Center, so that's what I use.
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Careful with Beyond TV, it has a nasty reputation for burrowing deep into your system and causing problems.
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Another vote for Beyond TV. I've got that running on an old semperon system in the tv room and it's great. If you get a bundle that comes with the firefly remote you've got your all singing all dancing pvr solution right there (assuming you already have the capture card).
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There's also SageTV, which will do media center, PVR, and the newest version also integrates Google Video and other web stuff.
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I'd second Media Portal.

I recently moved my pvr-ing from a Windows Media Center to a satellite PVR so I could do record non-broadcast HD content, but I still liked Media Center's interface for handling other content (lots of DIVX and MPEG video, etc.) -- just not some of the overhead and DRM stuff.

I gave Media Portal a try, and to my surprise, it dealt with that content better than Media Center did, at least for the way I use it.

Of course, I'm running it on an XP (MCE) box.

Media Portal's requirements state XP service pack 2, but looking through the forum, it looks like the only real issues regarding running it on 2000/2003 are related to recording and timeshifting video (PVR stuff) -- if you don't care about PVR stuff, you might be good to go.

In any event, it's a freeware product, so if you've got a little time to invest in playing with it, it might be worth taking a look at.
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