Do you know this animated musical short film?
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I am trying to find an animated musical short (possibly Italian? - it had subtitles) which I saw on television at least ten years ago. It may have been an Oscar-nominated short animation, but I can find nothing at imdb. Description inside....

The only part I can remember of it is that at one point, the main character (who I believe has been singing, opera-like, through the whole thing) loses his head, and his head goes bouncing along, and the subtitles read "I have no head / and yet I bounce and sing".

If anyone can help I would be very, very grateful. Thank you!
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It sounds like Opera Imaginaire (imdb), which debuted in 1997. But I don't recall that exact scene.
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Best answer: It's called La Salla. It's on a collection from the National Film Board of Canada 1999 collection called Best of the Best: Strange Tales. It was nominated for an Oscar in 1996.
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My cows, such velocity!

I love La Salla.
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Response by poster: Oh THANK YOU. At least I can start looking for it now.
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