What to do in NYC for ten days around NYE?
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I'll be in New York, staying in a subletted West Village apartment, from Dec. 27 to Jan 6. Although I have plenty of friends who I can hang out at night, most will be working during the day. I'm looking for either some possibilities to keep busy during the day... these include finding other travelers to go to some more obscure sights, short term volunteering, info about watching taped shows, etc. If anyone has suggestions, or places I can look for activities, events, people, that'd be great. I just don't want to waste my time there. Thanks!
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try the museum of television and radio.
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there are tons of activities and people to meet on craigslist
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Best answer: If you have free time during the day, then I would suggest doing all of the "boring touristy" activities that your friends won't want to do or can't do with you.

Have you been to NYC before? If not, then now is a good time to do the Times Square-Rock Center-Top of the Rock-Empire State Building-Grand Central-Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island stuff. The State of Liberty and Ellis Island will eat up a single day by themselves. Times Square will be crowded as December 31st approaches, but empties out after New Year's.

Or hit up the museums, both the greatest hits (Natural History, MoMA, the Met, Guggenheim, Whitney) and the lesser knowns (Cloisters, Transit Museum, Museo del Barrio, the Frick collection, Nugochi, Museum of the Moving Image, Brooklyn Art Museum, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Museum of Sex, Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, the Neue Gallerie, or a walk about Chelsea's galleries -- check times/hrs before you go, though).

Go to the Union Square Greenmarket and walk around and sample stuff. Talk to the farmers. It's definitely less crowded on the weekdays, as is Soho and the major department stores. Get lost inside the Strand. Take the 7 train out to Queens and do an ethnic walking tour. Ride the 6 train past City Hall (when you're suppsoed to get off.) Walk all the way up Broadway. Or across the Brooklyn Bridge and back (though it will be cold). Here's a great LES noshing tour.

Here's TV show tapings. Be warned that some stuff you'll end up in the standby line since you're planning so late; however, you'll probably end up standing next to cool people, so, hey, make friends.

Newyorkology.com is my favorite NYC resource -- Amy knows her stuff and keeps a calendar of happenings about town. For really offbeat stuff, check out Forgotten NY.
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Best answer: Mayor's Volunteer Center for the volunteer work.

Pick up a Time Out New York magazine. It's a great way to find out local happenings.

Gothamist will also be a helpful resource.

Regarding taped shows, I can't find a site that collects all the info, but I think you're going to have to go to each website and request tickets. The ones off the top of my head are:

-Morning News Shows (CBS This Morning, NBC Today, ABC Good Morning America)
-Live with Regis and Kelly
-Rachael Ray
-Martha Stewart
-Daily Show
-Colbert Report
-David Letterman
-Conan O'Brien
-The View

Also, if money is no object, I suggest a food tour with Famouse Fat Dave.

Have a great time here!
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And, sure, Rockefeller Center is supercrowded thanks to the tree, but I think the view from the Top of the Rock is worth the hassle.

Also, hit up any bookstore and they'll probably have City Secrets in stock, which contains a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of walking tours. These can be fun solo, as well.

The Big Onion has a lot of walking tours scheduled for while you're here.

Here's some MSN recommendations for offbeat NYC experiences.
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click on that little NYC tag you made there and do some looking around, my friend. ask.metafilter.com/tags/nyc

it'll take a little looking around, but you'll find things like this, this, and this.
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I love all the museums mentioned above, but my favorite -- and perfect for out-of-towners -- is the Museum of the City of New York in East Harlem.

Afterwards, you can walk back to midtown through the park.
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Best answer: Just walk around and enjoy the city. The West Village is great for exploring, as is all of lower Manhattan. Some days you can do museums, other days just hit the streets and take in the sites, people watch, find little parks and corners. Take pictures while you're at it. The time will fly by, there's so much to see! Oh, and make sure to spend some time wandering around Central Park too. My advice would be just to walk everywhere you go while you're here. You'll see more and get good exercise while you're at it.
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Canal Street - lots of weird little shops to wander in and out of for a day!
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