Can anyone recommend some good stops on Highway I95 between NC and Florida?
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Can anyone recommend some good stops on Highway I95 between NC and Florida? I'm driving to Florida after Christmas on Highway I95 and thought I'd consult the mefi hive for some suggestions on good stops for food or other things that are worth pulling off the road for periodically. I've driven the route before but I've always wished I knew of better places to eat than the usual chains/fastfood (ugh!) that have saturated the highway offramps. Roadside attractions are welcome, too (but not Pedro's tourist trap emporium at the NC/SC border).
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Take US-17 instead? (At least, in those places where it's not too much out of your way.) Mount Pleasant (nr. Charleston) has some very fun old-time eateries, and there are other stops that will make it feel more like a fun journey than the penance that is I-95.
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I have a copy of Drive I-95 that a friend and I used this summer when we drove CT to FL. There's a place in SC called 'Redbone Alley' in a shopping plaza that was pretty nice.

The book is full of stuff 'right off the highway', but is $20, if that seems like too much for only being partly useful. (It stops at the FL border and we navagated eating in St Augustine using AAA books.)
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How far into Florida are you going to go? Funny that cobaltnine mentioned St. Augustine, as that was going to be my eating suggestion. Lots of great restaurants in that town, especially seafood, and almost all of them are within 15-20 minutes from I-95. A few that spring to mind are:

Outback Crab Shack
Saltwater Cowboys
Creekside Diner
Sea Market

Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to give you lots more info on eating in the St. Augustine/Jacksonville area, like directions and parking tips and whatnot.
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You won't be that far off this interesting route.
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There's a chain of restaurants, J. Christophers, that are only in Georgia. There is one in Savannah. Its a breakfast and lunch place, and damn good. Well worth the ten miles off the interstate it looks to be.
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Make a stop in Savannah. It's a neat town with some good restaurants. I-95 isn't far at all and I believe US-17 goes right into town if you go that route. Alternatively, you could go a bit farther and stop in Brunswick or St. Simon's Island. I've never been there before though, so I can't be more specific than that.
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Jacksonville has one (and as far as I know only one) redeeming feature: the Chamblin Bookmine, if you're the kind of running dog of capitalism what likes used books.
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I think you could do St. Simon's Island pretty easily from the highway. Just going over the marshes on the causeway (small toll) is a nice getaway. Park by the pier and stretch your legs near the lighthouse. Have a meal at one of the restaurants there. Fourth of May would be ideal.
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you could check out a US marine corps graduation ceremony at parris island if you'll be around on friday (although check with the base; they may have new procedures for visitors since 9-11).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. Much appreciated.
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