how much does an escort make?
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what is the going rate for an escort that is working for an agency?

i am doing a report on the sex industry, and am wondering what the average going rate an escort receives from their agency is? and what cut the agency takes and the escort takes?
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I can't answer your question, but I think it would help others with more info if you specify a region. I am sure that it varies greatly depending on the area.
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Tag says Toronto.

What kind of report? Is this for civics class?
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Why not go ask some escorts? And agencies?
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Agree with rbs - if you're writing a report, doing your own research will probably be a lot better than asking random AskMe-ers.
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The back pages of Now and Eye will give you plenty of numbers to call to ask this question directly.
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Craigslist has a section about this, services - erotic, and they also go into detail about the prices. You may have to google to find out the lingo.

I blame boredom for knowledge of this.
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Yeah I would think for a report you should really dig in, and visit a few and get a "feel" for the whole biz.
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I've heard that a good escort costs the same as a good lawyer, if you'd be more comfortable calling up a lawyer's office to ask about prices.
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too bad there's no facility for anonymous answers, eh?
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well, from the one service i'm aware of (due to a female friend claming to have done this for awhile), all of this depends on the girl, the business relationship between the agency and the client, and any specifics requests made by the client

5000 or so for a night, the girl gets between 700 and 2000. the rest goes to the agency and the various pimps/management in the agency. so, 25-40% to the girl, the rest to the people managing it.
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i know a transsexual prostitute (male-to-female) who advertises online (ie, pays for the ad but no agency commission) and she makes around $150 / hr.
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Answers could be given privately if you post an email address.
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Escorts in the USA, UK and Canada
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You might find some information here.
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I don't remember the numbers but the HBO series about the Bunny Ranch (The Cathouse, I think it's named) had one episode with a new employee and it revealed the transactions at work there. That may not be exactly what you're looking for since it covered someone working not just for an agency but within their 'facility' as well.

Not only did they take a cut of the rate but the worker had to pay for other amenities as well as buy the supplies (condoms, etc) from the house as well. Or perhaps they were free to bring their own if they wanted to but this person didn't - it wasn't clear.

You really shouldn't have too much trouble doing the legwork on this yourself. Once you find a few sites/blogs you'll find plenty of links to other people in the field who talk about their experience or write about the field. I have a mild crush on Tristan Taormino and am on her mailing list. Her monthly mailing always mentions another writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, and links to others. Start there, follow some links and google some names and I expect you'll find everything you need.

You'll probably get it done faster if you pick up the phone. There's a lot of people interested in making the trade more accepted or at least safer and I expect if they don't think you're out to write a hit piece they'll be delighted to talk to you.
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Here's more on Nevada hos than anyone should know.
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I know of one Toronto agency which charged clients $300-375 an hour, of which the escorts received $125-150 an hour. However, at one point (I don't know if this is still the case) the operators of the agency were working with an escort-procurer (read: pimp) who was bringing girls in from Montreal and taking their cut. He, in turn, put the girls up in an apartment, bought their clothes, and provided them with a small allowance. I don't know how typical these rates and cuts are for Toronto -- I'm only familiar with this particular company as I was friends with one of the agency owners. Feel free to email me if you would like to know which agency I'm talking about.
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