Help with a charity gift request.
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I need help locating a certain brand of cologne requested as a charity gift. The request is from a 14 year old male, and who wants "Sexy" cologne for men. On-line searches just seem to turn up "Very Sexy for Him" by Victoria's Secret. I'm not sure that is the right one. Any ideas, or thoughts on possibly substitutions? I know from my teacher friends that Axe body spray is all the rage with teen boys right now.
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How about Sexual Pour Homme? I don't know what the men's version smells like, but I remember the women's scent as being musky and "sexy" for lack of a better word.
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Maybe Sexual or Sex Appeal. Of course, he is a 14 year old boy, and there is always Spiderman.

Two quick questions (the second one is just personal curiosity):

1) Are you sure that he was asking for a cologne, brand name "Sexy", and not just a cologne that was sexy?

2) What charity or service group is this for? Most charities normally want toys, clothes, food or video games (ChildsPlay)?
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JeremishBritt, I've seen plenty of "angel tree" type charities where individuals specifically request cologne. I don't think that's odd.

When I was 14, Tommy was THE it fragrance for boys. I'm guessing Axe is the it thing now. You can probably find an Axe gift set at drugstores.
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The exact holiday wish card states: "Cologne 'Sexy' for him" - which leads me to think it is a particular brand. Axe body spray is sounding better and better.

The charity is Olive Crest based in Southern California. My company participates in their Be The Miracle program every year.
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Why don't you think it's the Victoria's Secret one? It sounds pretty obviously like the same name, and it is intended for men...
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Assuming Axe is the US name for Lynx (it is in Europe) then the Axe range has always been popular for boys, but it's hardly a sexy range - it's the sort of stuff boys drown themselves in after gym.

My money would say "'sexy' for him" is probably "sexual pour homme" as phoenixc suggested.
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Ditto exceptinsects. Here's a link.
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i thought of victoria's secret too, but i asked my 16 year old brother if he knew anything about any colognes called sexy and he's with me on that one.

neither of us have ever heard of sexual pour homme, so i'd probably go with the vickie's one.
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I asked some of my students (ages 18-20) and they seem to think that Victoria's Secret Very Sexy is the one.
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If you go with the Victoria's Secret cologne, get him the gift set that comes with a shaving bag. Every young man could use one of those.
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As a side note, do the world a favor and don't buy *anyone* Axe body spray. I seriously thought a cat had gotten "territorial" the last time someone wore it around me. It's hideous.
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I'm pretty sure that it is the Victoria's Secret VS for men. Lots of girls I know love that scent.
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Speaking as a 22 year old college student, girls my age seem to love Axe or Tag... My favorites are #1 Axe "Clix" (had Nick Lachey in the commercial) and #2 Tag "Midnight".

Of course it isn't the same as getting a nice bottle of cologne, but then again I feel like you need to find a bottle of cologne you're in love with to fully appreciate it.
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Axe must die. Please don't feed that machine. In fact, after reading this thread, I have become extremely thankful that I am not a hs/college student who will, after the holidays, be forced to sit in an overheated classroom full of newly Axed boys with no sense of restraint. I feel a headache coming on just thinking about it.
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You can have the same problem with cologne. I generally use the spray in place of solid deoderant, which itself causes me to sweat/smell, where as the spray does not and there is no bad smell. Since its under my arms its not too strong.
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I'd really liken the Axes/Tag stuff to deodorant before I'd call them a cologne, personally. If the actual VS stuff is too pricey, there might be a sampler/gift pack that'd be even better.
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Please please please don't buy Axe or Tag. That stuff is so gross.
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My hubby uses Axe and Tag and I like them. Those are deodorants though - and need to be used in a much lighter dose than teens probably use them.

Go for the Victoria's Secret one.
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