Will I be able to enjoy a White Christmas?
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I'd like to buy someone tickets to White Christmas at Fox Theatre in Detroit. Where are the best seats?

Seats are available in Row A, but is that too close to enjoy the show? Any reviews of the show are welcome too...
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You should be fine. I've never seen White Christmas but I've seen maybe a dozen concerts at Fox Theater. I
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I saw White Christmas last year with my wife at the Orpheum Theatre last year in San Francisco. We had the absolute last row in the place in the balcony area. As for the show it was great. There were a few problems, as with any adaptation, but the sets were awesome and looked to scale well for any vantage point in at least that theatre.
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The absolute best seats for most performances are going to be in the middle, halfway up on the main floor, because that's where most shows are directed from. That being said, row A might be too close for you. I've been in theaters similar to the Fox in Detroit, and seen shows from all angles (including limited viewing seats, my mom's favorite way of getting cheap seats), and most seats you can get are going the be fine. In fact, seeing a show in a theater like the Fox is a treat in itself.
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