Where can I download Photoshop CS for Mac (non trial version)
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Does anyone have a URL where I can download Adobe Photoshop CS (Not CS2) for Mac? I'm trying to reinstall it, but I do not have the original install package. I did find a download link for the CS trial version, but this version does not let me enter a serial number. The 'registration' menu item is grayed out. Alternatively, is there a way that I can plug in my serial number to the trial version that I found. Thanks.
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from experience, Adobe now has download options for their programs, but you only get access to them once you've bought it. (and this might only apply to volume licenses.) call Adobe tech support. (as an aside, even if you do have the serial number, this is a bad question - how is anyone supposed to know you have one?)
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Best answer: Have you called Adobe and explained your situation to them? I haven't been in your exact situation, I've found them to be helpful and responsive to peculiar requests.
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You'll get it here. Adobe won't like you getting it there, but if you have a serial number, meh.
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Response by poster: Thanks, mrg. I hear what you are saying. I didn't think it was a problem to request the link. I don't think it will let you install the program without the serial number anyway. Thus without the serial the install package would be useless. Maybe?
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Best answer: Just call Adobe. Explain your situation. They can hook you up.

Pointing to an obvious Bittorrent site probably isn't that big a deal, but it sure seems weird.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I think you're right. I guess a phone call to Adobe is in order. I actually thought it might be quicker to find the solution here.
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The link to bittorrent should point out the fact that you can't, in fact, do this legally (at least, not any way that I've ever heard of). Adobe might be able to help you, presuming you registered the software when you bought it, otherwise I don't know how you can prove that you legally obtained the serial number. (For example, it is very easy to find serial numbers out there on the net if you know where to look)
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BitTorrent in itself isn't illegal. The Adobe licence permits you to use the software code. Running the code without said licence -- whether you got it from BitTorrent or from an actual CD -- would violate the terms of the licence.

OP has a licence. Obtaining the code wouldn't be illegal for him (although it is copyright infringement for the original seeder.)
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Ok, kids, let's go through this again.

It is against the law to distribute copyrighted material. It is just as illegal as copying copyrighted material. Bittorrent isn't illegal per se, but deep linking to the torrent file for copyrighted software on PirateBay.org is illegal because it amounts to distribution of copyrighted material. This puts askmefi at risk of C&D letters, etc.

So do not post torrent links to copyrighted software here.

Get it? Got it? Good.
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