Sweat-free socks
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What kind of socks make your feet sweat the least?

Within about two hours of putting on socks and shoes, my feet get uncomfortably sweaty. They don't smell or anything, just feel uncomfortable. What fabrics/brands/etc do people find best for keeping the feet dry?
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You might try sock liners, like these. They're generally used for hiking, and they're designed to wick moisture away from your feet. I can't imagine using my hiking boots without them, since I also sweat a lot and my boots don't breathe well.
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Thick socks: I like Thorlos.

Thin socks: Balega.

For any kind of running/walking/activity, actually. I jogged 6 miles and my feet were still dry in my Balegas.
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SmartWool. They popular for a reason. I like their Adrenaline series for thicker socks, and their ultralight socks are perfect for summer. (and I have generally sweaty feet. Sorry for the TMI...)
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... They *are* popular ...
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Plain white socks. If I wear socks with padded soles or thicker socks, I get the same problem.
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Avoid cotton. It absorbs moisture and doesn't let go.
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Another vote for Thorlos. I hated socks completely until I tried them.
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I'd recommend a liner sock that wicks moisture, with a wool outer sock. Acrylic is very bad, and cotton is no prize. Wigwam and others make this kind of sock, which you do *not* want to put in the dryer on a high temperature. Check out a hiking or outdoors store. I have sweaty feet myself and I might try the sock recommendations in this piece, but Gold Bond powder usually works with cotton socks for me when I give my feetses a good scrubbing. If *really* sweaty feet are the problem, see a podiatrist or MD and ask about a mild rosewater and formalin solution.
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I wear wool socks and one of the reasons is they absorb a certian amount of water without feeling damp.
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The SmartWool socks are amazing. When I'm working an EMT shift, I wear them under my boots while running around all over the place, even in hot weather. They keep my feet dry.

Sprinkle baby powder into your shoes too. It helps a bit.
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I like socks with "Cooltech" which is some kind of synthetic alteration that wicks the sweat away from your feet. I've worn them while running, and I still feel dry. They sell them at Lady Footlocker. Probably regular Footlocker, too.
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I just bought some "microfiber" dress socks for the first time last week and have been very pleased. I find I can also wear them for a lot longer without them bothering me.
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OTOH (OTOF?) cotton socks stink less. I've had Thorlo hiking socks, and I've had 95%-cotton socks of comparable thickness, and I prefer the cottons.
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Thorlo's with CoolMax. Buy now, buy three, get one free. The Sock Company (on-line) is where I always buy mine.
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SmartWool works best for me. I hate synthetics- they make my feet feel overheated and damp, and cotton is just nasty. I'm on my feet all day, often in damp conditions, and the varying thicknesses and types of SmartWool socks mean I can wear them all year round.
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I buy plain wool dress socks, they've treated my feet well.
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Go to an outdoors store and talk to them. Don't be afraid to buy a really expensive pair or two (they are worth it). I bought a pair of `Possum Walk' socks which were not bulky, but have possum wool and other materials. They are definitely the most comfortable socks I have ever owned, and my feet don't get stinky when I wear them. Despite the expense ($25.00 AUD a pair), they are wonderful, and put up with a lot of wear and tear.

You can find them here.
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I second the CoolMax socks, any brand. I ran a half marathon a few weeks ago wearing cotton socks (accidentally) and ended up with a blister that covered the entire arch of my foot.

Not that you'll necessarily be sweating that much, but it just goes to show how important wicking is, and how lousy cotton is at doing so.
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