I want to visit Iceland. Please help me with your tips!
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I am thinking of visiting Iceland. Due to job assignments, I go to Finland a lot and usually have some free days I could use for travelling. Is it worth the trip? What is there to do besides dodging Bjork's music as much as I can? Last, but not least: I really need tips on the cheapest flights available, from Helsinki to Reykjavik.
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BA has some insanely great flights from London to Reykjavik at the moment. (I got £80 return), and you can probably get from Helsinki to London pretty cheaply on Finnair or via Tampere etc on Ryanair.
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Both Icelandair and Iceland Express fly from sweden, if you can get a cheap flight to there.

Here are a few threads with suggestions for activities at AskMe.

What kind of stuff were you thinking of checking out?
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Iceland is awesome, geologically unique, culturally really interesting. Check out other Iceland threads here for suggestions, google Iceland tourism, and look at a Lonely Planet or similar guidebook in your local library. I'd definitely recommend going.
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Very cool, unique place. Barren but beautiful. Stunted trees and ponies. Crystalline light. Half the people live in the capital (250k o/o 500k), meaning most of it is practically deserted, and everyone seems to know everyone else. Fascinating history. Go.
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Oh, and listen to some Sigur Ros before going. Try to catch the Iceland Airwaves music festival.
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