Fun things to do in Norway & Finland
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Fun things to do in Scandinavia in June. Itinerary inside!

Hi all! I'll be in Oslo, Norway June 2-8 -- Oulu, Finland June 8-12 -- & Helsinki, Finland June 12-18. Looking for suggestions on what to do and where to eat/drink. Definitely already planning on heading to Bergen & Sognefjord via Flam Railway for a day or two and seeing Vigeland. I'm 30 and female if that helps for suggestions and love a good beer ;) Some of this time I'll be with family but I'll also have alot of time to wander by myself so places that make it easier to meet people would be nice. Also, I love cycling so good places to rent a bike and ride are appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi Norway here.

Oslo covered in two threads


There is a lot of touristy stuff and bike rental is covered in the second link. Oslo offers a citybike program, bicycles located around the city with unlimited access for only 80kr. See post.
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Things to do in Bergen.
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When you're in Helsinki, make sure to take the shot ferry ride to Suomenlinna.
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Well, I'll be in Bergen sometime around then. Email in profile if you want to meet up. I too love a good beer.
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