Is there a term for small, decorative Flash photo displays?
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Is there a generally-accepted (or your-office-accepted) term for the type of decorative Flash movie with photos that fade in and out and white or black lines that drift back and forth? Here's an example (turn down your speakers) from a thread that was posted recently on MeFi. The genre seems to be ubiquitous enough to have its own moniker, but I don't want to lump it in under "Flashturbation" because the file sizes are typically small and it seems to be a reasonable if cliche way to present a series of images.
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My clients have always called that a splash screen (as it comes at the top of a site, and can be skipped)... if a similar tactic was used between two pages, then we called it an interstitial.
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Maybe my example was not so great. What I'm after is a name for the style of Flash, not the placement within the site. Here's another example from another homebuilder.
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