How can I prepare for an interview for a research/intern position at a VC firm?
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Any Mefites out there in the world of venture capital. I'm interviewing for a research/intern position at a VC firm later this week and having no business training (I will hopefully be getting my M.Sc in Comp Sci later this year), I need to study up on the industry and fast. Anyone got any good advice on some decent introductory sites? What buzzwords should I be using in the interview? How badly will my lack of business skills hurt me and how can I minimise that?
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Not to be a smart ass (cuz I did research for a consulting group), but hopefully you are trying to find this information for yourself. While getting information from a group like AskMe is worthwhile, realize that it is fairly slow and quite often you will be expected to have had answers before they are asked. No, I'm not kidding; they will expect you to anticipate their questions. Google will be your best friend. Learn to use it inside and out.
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Oh I've been using the WWW plenty. But I'd also like to get advice from actual people who work in venture capital. Especially when it comes to my qualifications and how it will affect my chances. Will the research skills I learnt doing performability analysis be suitable to do due diligence reports etc etc?

If there aren't any here on MeFi then well it was worth a shot.
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For VC bloggers, you might try Due Diligence and Joi Ito.
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In addition to those listed, a couple of other really great VC blogs: A VC, VentureBlog, The Weekly Read. I'd say that any VC who's open enough to be blogging their thoughts to the outside world is a damn site smarter and more connected than the ones who are unplugged. Disclaimer, for what it's worth, Joi Ito is head of Neoteny, which invested in my employer. I like him anyway.
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