JavaX Imports Can't Be Found, But Are Installed! (Windows XP + Tomcat 5)
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Java and Servlet help!! [more inside]

I'm having problems compiling my servlet. I'm getting the error that the javax imports cannot be found. Now, I've downloaded the 2 packages and placed them where I thought they should be but I'm still receiving the errors. Could there someone who is a lot smarter than me tell me what I'm suppose to do? I'm running WinXP and also using Tomcat 5 server (if that helps at all).
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You should make sure that the Tomcat servlet.jar is in your classpath.

Assume that you have tomcat location like:

at the command promt type:
set classpath=c:\tomcat\lib\servlet.jar

Or put this information in your environment variables in XP.
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