Can anyone identify this song?
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Can someone please help me identify this (clip 1 & clip 2) song from a recent ("Post Mortem") episode of CSI. It sounds very familiar to me but I cannot place it.

I've searched the forums looking for sites that list music used on the different episodes but cannot find anything. If anyone knows of other sites that keep track of this sort of thing or of "official" CSI resrources, please provide them. Thanks in advance.
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check this website.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that link misanthropicsarah. It seems the content there is user driven and while I might be wrong, I don't remember "Mad World" in the episode but I can see how someone might think that the song I am curious about was an instrumental version of "Mad World". Second opinions?
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Honestly, it sounds like atmospheric music put together with Soundtrack Pro. We use it on our short films- it's a great tool because you don't need a composer, just somebody with a good ear and experience with a Mac.
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pwb503, I remember this episode; I suspect this was just incidental music. There was a nice acoustic version of "Mad World" in the show (you can find it on the Donnie Darko soundtrack album).
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It sounds like the audio post people, in deciding they were going to use Mad World, composed some incidental music that complimented it/fit thematically with the episode.
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