Who was the bowler that rolled The Dude in The Big Lebowski?
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Who was the bowler that rolled The Dude in the first dream sequence in The Big Lebowski?

In The Big Lebowski, in the first dream sequence, when the miniature Dude is swept up inside the bowling ball and rolled down the lane, the camera angle seems to reveal a guy in robes who throws the ball... have any Lebowski fanatics deciphered who that guy is and what he means to the story? I did a quick internet search and can't seem to come up with any leads... anyone else have the inside scoop on this completely inconsequential tidbit?
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wasn't it Maude Lebowski?

she was played by Julian Moore...
also she was being taught to bowl by The Dude at the time...
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but then that was the second dream sequence...
the first one was The Dude flying around LA wasn't it?
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MonkNoiz is right! It's definitely Maude Lebowski played by Julianne Moore. With one exception, the Dude (Jeff Bridges) never actually bowls in this film.
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I agree. Maude. Remember the robe she puts on when he meets her for the first time?
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Good responses. I marked this one 8.
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Thanks all... good work here today.
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