Is It Legal - Desperately Seeking This Britcom
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I am desperately seeking a copy of the UK sitcom "Is It Legal?" - an insanely hilarious tv show from 1995-98. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of all three seasons?

I've been searching on the net every few months for over 5 years. I've tried Google. I've tried ebay. I even emailed the show's production company a few years ago (never heard back). The show was never released on DVD or VHS and I haven't seen it picked up by BBC America. The cast included Imelda Staunton and Kate Isitt among others, though my favorite is by far Richard Lumdsen. I live in the US and would happily trade or buy a good copy of any of the seasons or all 3. More about the show at the BBC Comedy Guide. Any help will be much appreciated!!! (triple exclamation marks to prove I'm sincere)
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It was posted on UKNova a few months ago. Try asking for a repost in the forum.
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It was on UKNova but is no longer. You don't have an e-mail in your prefs. E-mail me - address in prefs.
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