"Iron Man" Covered as a Tango
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OzzyFilter: Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" done as a tango. Heard it on WPKN, I think. It was absolutely brilliant, but my Google foo fails me. Anyone know where I can find it?
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This doesn't directly answer your question, but if you liked that, there's a good chance you'd be into Rodrigo y Gabriela.
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Was it only piano and drums? If so, it could be this (RealPlayer, btw) version by The Bad Plus.
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The Cardigans did a rather nice laid back version of ironman some years ago.
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Nope, thanks. Nope, thanks. Looking for a tango.
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If you recall when you heard it, you can try here. They are pretty good with their playlists
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Thanks, cowbellemoo!
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np, zmt.
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Not entirely on topic but it might still be interesting to you. The tango orchestra Mandragora have done a nice cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's available in the download section of their website.
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I absolutely LOVE when someone takes a song out of its element.

Can anyone anyone recommend other band/arrangements?

With the holidays here, check out the klezmonauts. http://www.klezmonauts.com/ Traditional Christmas carols, in a distinctly non-Christian style.
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Korn did a ironic self-cover (metal -> lounge) of "Down with the Sickness" that's featured in the Dawn of the Dead remake.

Nouvelle Vague has a few well-rounded albums of lounge/bossa covers of popular 80s songs. (My personal favorite is the reggae version of "Heart of Glass")

I've heard many many lounge/bossa covers (inc. the Iron Man cover) on Lounge-Radio.com. I believe they're all grouped together in a special program (like for weekends), so that schedule might help.
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In the album - For The Masses: An Album of Depeche Mode Songs, there is an lounge-ish duet of Master and Servant. Also I thought Shake the Disease was good.
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Try googling Richard Cheese...... he does all "lounge" arrangements of amazing songs........
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Sabbatum is an album of Black Sabbath by the Estonian medieval music group Rondellus, where they cover Black Sabbath using only traditional instruments and sing in latin. I just noticed that there are a whole list of other tribute albums on that amazon page I linked.
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Korn did a ironic self-cover (metal -> lounge) of "Down with the Sickness"

How's that a self-cover?
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Korn did a ironic self-cover (metal -> lounge) of "Down with the Sickness"

How's that a self-cover?

It wasn't - it was done by the aforementioned Richard Cheese for the movie (and wasn't it originally by Disturbed? I don't think Korn has anything to do with it.)
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@ Cog
Thanks for the heads up

@ peewinkle
I have every Richard Cheese Album.

I'm almost 99% sure it was Richard Cheese that did the version of "Down with the Sickness" for Dawn (or maybe Shawn) of the Dead. Its on his "Lounge Against the Machine" Album

@ Everyone else
How about something non-lounge?

@ Original Poster
Sorry for the thread Hi-jack. :-)
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Check this compilation out if you can find it. The electrodub cover of Song 2wo is particularly good.

Also you could check out Nouvelle Vague, who do bossa nova (not lounge!) covers of early 80s new wave songs, allegedly without having even heard the originals ahead of time.
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Oh, and Dub Side of the Moon of course...
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Ah.. I was mistaken then. Oh well, that Korn is wacky enough anyway.
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