caffè nella mia casa canadese
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Is there a Canadian program similar to Illy USA's "Illy A Casa" where good quality espresso-grind coffee can be automatically delivered to my home every 4-6 weeks?

The Illy website says it can not deliver outside the US and googling hasn't helped.

Surely there's a store or supplier somewhere in Canada where I get this! I am in Toronto if we are looking at a very localized seller.

The coffee in question doesn't have to be Illy - but should be at least a comparable product quality-wise.
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É Café Canada? Also Birds and Beans (not sure about if they sell ground, but pre-ground and "good coffee" are sorta oxymoronic concepts, anyway.
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This place has awesome coffee and will do scheduled shipments. I'm not sure of the exact details or if they have exactly what you're looking for but definitely worth a gander.
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Ok, so I just checked that link and it doesn't mention the coffee deilvery. I know they used to offer it so maybe call them to make sure?
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Comparable to Illy? We don't have to aim that low do we?

Look for a Canadian or US roaster that will ship to you. I'd start by asking the question on the Coffee Geek eastern Canada forum here.

From a quick look around there Dark City Coffee looks like the sort of place that might do what you ask.
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Best answer: I've been getting my espresso beans from Peet's for many years - they will set up automatic deliveries. When I spent a few months in Switzerland they shipped the coffee there with no problems; I'm sure they can deal with a Canadian address.
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