Help My Cat Be in a Blank While Blanking a Blank
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I have a cat, a camera, and decent photoshop skills. Help me come up with clever things to do that fit into the meme about the cats doing things that is all over the internet.

I recently moved into an apartment that contains a cat. I also recently came across the phenomenon of ceiling cat, who is apparently watching me masturbate. What are the best suggestions of the most outlandish, absurd, sublime, subtle, or transcendenta67l scenes I can pose with the cat to be turned into the meme about the cat being somewhere and doing something.

I'm down to make props, costumes, and I have a standard apartment with all the stuff an apartment is likely to contain. Is there a ceiling cat-like scene that you were hoping existed? Because I will make it happen.

P.S. All suggestions must be kitty safe.
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If I've thought of it, I've done it already myself!
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Response by poster: Yeah. I imagine the people with the best answers will be lacking in access to said cat, camera, and photoshopping skills.

I hope I do get some good suggestions, because my kitty so does want to become a star...
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Put stuff on it! Send it to Stuff on My Cat!
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in yr ask. sorry, it's more of a meta-idea.
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i am in ur metafilterz answering ur question (again):

make an orange helmet!

take high-speed photos of it shaking its head! (or other high-speed antics.)

Putting cats in anything = instant hilarity. Put it in a pot to cook; put it in a box, give it to someone as a surprise gift; give it a TSA badge and put it in your luggage; put it in a giant pill bottle (good for what ails ya).

Mainly, be ready with your camera at all times. Cats do ridiculous stuff without any human intervention.

Then, post photos!
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See here for a few ideas.
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Cat time lapses.
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1. Put cat in a bucket
2. Fill with water
3. Throw bucket
4. Throw some more stuff
5. Jump
6. Profit
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Cats have three exploitable tendencies that you can use for photographs: 1) The tendency to attack, claw, and pounce. 2) The way they will lay there for a while as you place items on them ( 3) Their marvelously readable facial expressions of contentment, rage, curiosity.
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Also consider the fact that that they show a lot of fierce looking teeth when they yawn.
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Best answer: Please, please resist this urge.

The internet is saturated with cat photos. Do something more interesting with your camera and leave the cat alone.
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If you snap a picture of it lounging in a sink, there's a place to put it.
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Choose a popular Sci-Fi show/movie and do a cat photographic rendition of it.

Or has this been done yet?
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Best answer: I vote for "oh god please just DON'T do this."

This sounds a lot like "I have this vial full of anthrax that I just found and I'm looking for fun suggestions on cool things to do with it."

Stop hurting the world.
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Response by poster: I'm persuaded. I'll figure out something else to do.
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