Avaya IP Office for dummies?
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I've been 'administering' my office's Avaya IP Office phone system for about a year and a half. I say 'administering' because I have no idea what I'm doing. I find the system unruly and it's driving me nuts! I'm searching for anyone who is familiar with IP Office and can talk to me about some issues like the naive pseudo-administrator I am.

Even though I have no background in VoIP, Avaya products or phone systems in general, I was recruited by my VP to help run the phone system he purchased in June of 2005. I'd like to think I was chosen because I learn quickly, have a grasp on technology, etc. (toot my own horn). But after a year and a half of fighting with this system, I feel that I don't know any more than when I started.

For the record: Avaya does not sell their systems or products direct, only through distributors. The distributor we went through has been no help. I've given up trying to talk to them because they seem to think the problems we have with our system are due to "poltergeists" (yes, they said that). No issue I've ever brought to them has been resolved. Our company has no service contract with Avaya or the distributor. I have attempted to call Avaya for technical support and was told my company would be billed for the call. I have no authorization to accept these charges and no support from my VP to get a service contract in place.

Here are some of the questions I'm hoping someone can help me answer:
We use SysMonitor v5.0 to track all activity on the system and Manager to view and change our configuration. When I pull up the 'About' boxes for each program they look like this and this respectively. Why? Does this mean anything?
2. Is there some sort of manual for decoding the data that's logged in the SysMonitor application? I have a feeling understanding this program will help me understand problems we have with the system.
3. There are two phones in our building that will stop working randomly. Either the display looks normal but the buttons don't work, or the display shows a 'Please Wait' message that is associated with the system rebooting. They usually stop or start working when I have to reboot the system, but I have not been able to find a pattern to when they go down or come up.
4. What does 'Feature Key Server' mean and does it have anything to do with the USB flash drive looking thing plugged into the PC I use to manage the phones?

Yes, I have tried online Avaya forums and groups (mostly with Yahoo groups and the Avaya support website). The information provided in these groups may be good, but it's far too advanced for me. I've also tried my hardest to make sense of the .PDF manuals that we got with the system, but this information doesn't address any of my questions directly. Even if there's no mefite that can take my question head on, any online tools would be appreciated.
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I feel your pain. IP Office is abitch to set up and configure.

1) About Boxes. This is probably caused by errors with your font settings. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Reinstall the software. Also, if you've deleted any fonts on that PC try to reinstall them too. It shouldn't affect the operation of the software.

2) Nope. If you send me a section you're having trouble with, you could send it to me and I'll have a look at it.

3) Probably dodgy phones. Get them replaced. You could also look at upgrading the software on the IP Office. Go to the Manager, click on File --> Advanced and then Upgrade. We had trouble with the phones not seeing the main unit and this sorted it out.

4) The Feature Key Server monitors what extra features you have installed on your server. e.g. Voicemail+ . You are correct in that it polls the USB Dongle. This is used as a physical Licence Key.

on groups: The tek-tips reportedly has a very good avaya group. You'll need to register though.
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