Bedside Alarm with MP3 playback via SD Card
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Hi, I want an alarm clock I can just plug an SD card into, select a tune and have it play as an alarm in the morning. I have tried a CD alarm clock and it doesn't work for me because I hear the CD mechanism start up and hit snooze. Also it's more difficult to burn a cd than transfer a track to SD. As you've probably gathered I'm having trouble waking up and as an experiment want to see if waking up to a favourite tune may help.

I know of one which is called "the bug" but wonder if there are any others out there. I've done quite a few searches and haven't found anything else.
PS. I have a PDA but find it too easy for things to go wrong with the alarm and would prefer a dedicated bedside alarm.
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Here's one.
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Your easiest approach would be to put the alarm out of reach so that you need to get out of bed to silence it... or go to bed earlier so that you can

Me? My puppy is my alarm clock. By 7 am when the sun comes up, her tail wagging against the sides of the kennel is definitely enough to wake me up.
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End of first sentance: 'wake up on time'.
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Please search Google first.
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Warning: I woke up to some favorite music for a few years and now I simply hate those songs. I even hate this little pop noise that my speakers made. I hear it everywhere since it's a common sound and it makes me cringe.

It's dangerous to associate sounds with waking up, especially if you hate getting up. Wisdom tells me to only use annoying alarm sounds, since it's okay to hate those.
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Samsung has the very sexy YP K5, which I really, really want.
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No help for you on the SD card front, but should you find your solution, I highly recommend the song be Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." We were on the NY-New Haven train last night around 1 AM and the conductor let it blast shortly before the last stop. There was not a single person on the train left sleeping. In fact, it appeared that some passengers even got a mild cardio workout.
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The RCA Lyra X3000 uses an SD card for expandable memory and has a built in alarm clock.

Or you could get this RCA system that is really a docking port for a smaller Lyra model that also uses the SD card.
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