How to fix my iBook trackpad after water seeped in?
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iBook trackpad problems: after cleaning with a barely damp cloth, my trackpad is all jumpy. Reboots and trying to "massage" the trackpad haven't helped. Any other home remedies for this?

This all started when I ran a heavily squeezed-out kleenex over the surface several hours ago. Very little water could have seeped into the trackpad, and I've done this very many times before.

The trackpad fluctuates between responding to some of my finger movements and completely ignoring them. The sides are noticeably better than the middle section. Also, going horizontally works much more often than going vertically. But that said, the trackpad is essentially unusable.

I would normally run to the Apple Store with a problem like this, but I'm in Beijing for another month and sending it to the AppleCare depot here will be a bit more involved.
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I've had this happen. Leaving it alone to evaporate the last bit of moisture for a day or so fixed it.
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Wait for it to dry out. Trackpads can't tell the difference between moisture and your finger, even if it nothing got into the electronics. It might help to rub it down with a dry tissue.
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I belive there's some sort of reset/utility you can run to fix this. I can't find it on Google, but I remeber reading about this somewhere. Anyone else know?
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Putting the base of your four fingers on the trackpad will reset it. Imagine you're giving the trackpad a massage.
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