TV SciFi Filter - was it The Outer Limits?
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In search of an episode of what I thought was The Outer Limits, but it's not listed in the episode guide,

The first season of The Outer Limits just showed up in the iTunes store, and it reminded me of an episode that I'd love to see again, but can find no evidence of it.

The synopsis - a jet fighter was coming in for a landing when it broke through some kind of time warp where it ended up a few minutes into the future, along with the pilot's girlfriend who was nearby in her convertible. Everything was frozen in place - they could look back and still see the plane in the sky just about to land, They came across a little girl on a tricycle who was sure to be hit by a truck and I think they rigged up the seat belt to pull the brake when time became unfrozen.

I've always thought that it was an Outer Limits episode, but I can find nary a mention of a plot like this in the episode guides. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Best answer: Sure -- it's the second season, next to last show: The Premonition. (Actually, many think this was a Twilight Zone.)
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"The Premonition"
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Just FYI, original Outer Limits season 1 just debuted on iTunes recently.
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I think of this episode quite often, and remember it being 'my favorite Twilight Zone', and I also know that that memory is not correct because it is an Outer Limits episode, and a very good on at that.

Just thought I would share some of my brain weirdness.
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And I just have to mention, she's the pilot's wife, not GF; and the little girl's their daughter. And rather than jet fighter, it's in fact the way cool X-15.
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There was an episode of Start Trek TNG that was kid of like that too.
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The Twilight Zone ep A Little Peace and Quiet was along somewhat the same lines.
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Also sounds a little like Stephen King's "The Tommy Knockers"
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