Am I blue?
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My PS2 is not working as a DVD player. Never has. I get audio, but the image alternates from a few seconds of program to a few seconds of brilliant blue screen. Games work perfectly. FWIW, the PS2 is hooked up to a VHS machine (my TV is elderly) which then feeds into the Co-ax on my TV. VHS works perfectly also.
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Best answer: This is the macrovision in the PS2 working.

DVD players have copy-protection built in. What it does is changes the contrast frequently, TVs ignore this, but as you can see it messes VCRs up. I used to see this when I had my PS2 plugged into a TV/VCR combi.

You could look into getting an RF lead for your PS2 (a playstation 1 lead will work fine too), and a Co-ax switch so you can have both plugged in.
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Best answer: Sounds like a macrovision issue. It's trying to keep you from taping DVDs onto VHS tapes.

You'll need a box to remove macrovision protection or get a RF modulator to hook the PS2 directly into your TV.
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Response by poster: So the solution is eliminate the VHS?

I'm cool with that, as the VHS player it there only as an Ad Hoc RF adapter. It never sees any tape.
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Best answer: it's macrovision, which is a crap technology intended to keep content from being copied. It causes waves of interference when you play a macrovision-treated film through a recording device like a VCR. If you get an RF Modulator you'll be able to hook your PS2 up to your TV without going through your VCR.

on preview, what they said.
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Response by poster: Cool. Now that that's solved (so easy for so much time spent searching, natch) we can use this thread for animated GIFS!
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FWIW, only a percentage of DVDs have Macrovision: some studios choose to use it, others don't - particularly smaller ones.

A typical conversation with a client goes,
"would you like Macrovision on your disc?"
"what's that?"
"it's a form of copy protection."
"does it cost money?"
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It's the DVD player that generates Macrovision on the output. It's not on the disc itself (AFAIK).
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There's a flag on the disc.
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On the subject line, is there a way to stop my PS2 stretching out a widescreen DVD to fill the whole 4:3? The menu option is always greyed out?
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Tomw: Have you looked in the setup of the PS2?

Start the PS2 without a disc in and have a look there, I think you have to tell it you've got a 4:3 tv, and then the option appears within the player?
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Okay I'll try that. I know if you do it once a dvd is onscreen, you can see the option but you can't change it.
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Another thought, (haven't got a PS2 infront of me), but have you tried it with the disc stopped? (Think you have to press circle twice).
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